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      Chinese    Site Map  
    CRBBG Undertakes Fabrication of Stee..
     Chongqing East Sichuan Shipbuilding Industry Leader..
     Liuzhou Guantang Bridge in Guangxi Province - The F..
     CRTE's Turnouts of 120km/h and Below are Certified ..
     The First Set of Single Crossover for BYD Beam Repl..
     CRBBG Railway Turnouts Win Shaanxi Famous Brand for..
     CRBBG Passes The Reevaluation for Safety Production..
     CRBBG Participated Wuhu 2nd Yangtze River Bridge is..
     The Turnout Remote Monitoring and Operation & Maint..
     CRBBG Academician Workstation is Jointly Set Up by ..
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     ISO 14001:2004 Certificate - by IQNet..
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     Certificate of Approval for Enterpris..
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     China Steel Structure Fabricator Qual..
      Major Projects
      China Railway Baoji Bridge (Yangzhou..
      China Railway Baoji Machinery Co., L..
      Shantou Steel Structure Engineering ..
      CRBBG Baoji Qiaoyuan Steel Structure..
      CRBBG Tycoon Industrial Development ..
      CRBBG Baoji Sci-Tech Co., Ltd
      China Railway Track Equipment Co., L..
      CRBBG Community Development Co., Ltd
      CRBBG (Baoji) Construction Engineeri..
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